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My Approach

I understand how hard it can be trying to decide which counsellor is right for you and to find a counsellor who you can trust and confide in and feel comfortable enough to be completely open with.

We are all drawn to different counsellors and finding the right match is really important.  It needs to be someone who you can relate to, who gets you, who listens to the detail and tries to help you uncover and understand how you are feeling in a patient and gentle way.  

I believe that establishing and building trust is key for the counselling relationship to develop. I work hard to help my clients feel that they are ready to open up and feel comfortable enough to be honest and at times allow themselves to feel vulnerable with me.  I would like my clients to feel that they can talk to me about anything without fear of being criticised or judged.


I understand that counselling can make some people feel very nervous, which is why I try to create a space where my clients feel as relaxed as as possible.  As a gentle, highly sensitive and very intuitive person, I treat our sessions and your feelings in a very delicate way and with great care.  I work at a pace and depth that feels right for you.

I work in a collaborative way, and as an integrative counsellor, I adapt the style of my counselling to suit each clients' specific needs. 

I incorporate a variety of counselling techniques including; person centred (focusing on the here and now), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy, useful tools that can help to change behaviour), TA (looking at how we relate to each other) and psychodynamic (looking at how the past can create patterns of behaviour which impact on the here and now).

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